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Our group investigates ways to improve chemistry teaching and learning at the undergraduate level. Specifically, we focus on characterizing the key features of active learning environments, developing and implementing assessments to guide curricular reform, and increasing diversity and inclusion in undergraduate chemistry classrooms.

8.18.21 Congratulations to undergraduate researchers Adan and Ahmad for their recent JCE publication about the ways in which chemistry course assessments may contribute to inequitable student outcomes! Click here to check it out!

9.13.20 The Shah Group welcomes undergraduate researcher Fabrizzio Quintanilla and senior research student Dianna Shivak!​

8.21.20 Click here to check out our recently-published review article on frameworks used to analyze science classroom discourse. 


The Shah Group is looking for talented undergraduate and graduate students to join the team. Interested candidates should send an e-mail with their unofficial transcript and statement of interest to

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